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jboyl5av on Jan 31st 2008

As part of the centennial project, creating a timeline is an essential component of our project. The website circVie seems like a very interesting place to start. It is a website where we can create and share our timelines, and include pictures and quotes. Since our project is going to be based heavily on interviews, supplemented with facts and pictures gathered through research, this interactive timeline website certainly has given me some ideas about the direction I want to take the presentation of our project. The overall presentation of the timelines the user creates is more interesting than some of the other websites I have stumbled upon while browsing briefly online. In general, I was pretty impressed. Here is the link

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Discovering nifty tools

jboyl5av on Jan 31st 2008

So, Digital History has certainly been a humbling adventure. Through my vast, perpetual confusion, however, I believe I have stumbled upon some very useful new skills. I have been using recently, to help organize some of the many online tools we have been inundated with. Me likey. I think I am hooked really. I predict that as our centennial project takes flight, I will be making many more frequent postings to my account, to the point where it may even surpass my facebook as the most frequently visited website on my comp. We will see. Omeka seems like it could also be full of useful potential, but I believe I need to play around with that website a little more before I can make any big predictions as to its role in our project. Now one of the questions I was supposed to answer in this blog was how could be used for items other than bookmarking – well, I guess I could use it as a sharing mechanism, a place where I can share all the exciting new websites I discovered online with my fellow nerds. Sharing is caring after all.

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First Blog

jboyl5av on Jan 21st 2008

Hey Everyone, my name is Juliann Boyles, and I am a junior here at MDub. This semester it seems I spend most of my time working at the Nest. When I am not working, I can usually be found in Pollard, where I clock in numerous hours between UMW CSO (the orchestra), UMW Chorus and cello. Also, as a typical history major, I can also be found hiding out in Monroe. In addition to history, I am also in the education program here for secondary social studies. As a rule, I stay pretty busy and live off large amounts of caffeine. I am excited to be taking Digital History this semester. When I first heard about the course, it seemed like a wonderful opportunity, something that I would not usually get to experience as history major. I am used to being elbow deep into primary and secondary documents with my other history classes, so a web based approach seemed very appealing to me. Through all the large amounts of confusion I am currently experiencing, which most assuredly will continue throughout the semester in various degrees, I am confident that this class will prove a worthy endeavor. I am actually pretty pumped and ready to get started!

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Hello world!

jboyl5av on Jan 15th 2008

Welcome to UMW This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! If you need some help getting started please refer to the support documentation here.

We recommend you change your password and activate the spam filter plugin Spam Karma as soon as possible.

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