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wrapping it up

jboyl5av on Mar 29th 2008

So this project certainly has taken a lot longer than our group originally thought, but we seem to be seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. After I finish uploading all the edited video clips onto youtube that I have been working on, Kelley will then embed into our timeline. This weekend I am heading off to the library to finish searching through the Bullet archives of the 1970s, to add more articles to our artifact section in our website. After I finish that tiny project, I need to finish writing the transcript for the interview, which is long overdue. I put the transcript on the backburner for the sake of finishing the editing of the video footage. We have a projected completion date for our project – April 3rd, which is this Friday. On Thursday, our group will meet to try to put everything together and get things wrapped up. Here’s to hoping we can get everything done….

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Getting out the word

jboyl5av on Mar 20th 2008

So with the Centennial celebration this past weekend, our group thought it would be a good idea to try to get the word out about our project, with so many alumni on campus. Matt and Kellye made some great fliers and for the better part of Friday afternoon before the convocation, I attempted to find strategic places to put these fliers. I was encouraged when I later returned on Friday evening for my Centennial Concert dress rehearsal, to find some of the tear-away tags on the fliers I had put up with our e-mail and website information torn away. Even if we only get 2 or 3 alumni out of campaign effort this past weekend, it would be wonderful. I know Roxanne also stood outside the convocation handing out fliers personally to some alumni. We will just have to see. On another note, I hope to have the transcription and edited video I have been tirelessly working on up and running in a few days. The next project I am going to start on after once I finish my adventures in editing will be a journey to the UMW archives to find some interesting articles in the Bullet that can help fill up our archive section on the website.

P.S. I sort of forgot to press the publish tab on my last blog which is actually dated back to last week – Thursday, March 13

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My adventures in video editing

jboyl5av on Mar 20th 2008

So after several hours spent editing raw footage on windows movie maker, I have gained great appreciation for the fellows that actually do this kind of a thing for a living. I have learned that the process takes much patience, but I certainly am getting very familiar with the software. One thing I have decided to change to make this process a little easier in the future is to put a stricter time limit on the interviews – it is much more difficult to cut down an hour of raw footage into a 20 minute edited video than it would be to turn a 30 minute interview into a 20 minute segment. Another challenge in the process is deciding exactly what is important in the interview, and what should be cut. While editing the footage, I have to keep the question of “how is this relevant to the purpose of our project?” in the back of my mind. I never heard back from my interviewee about artifacts, so I am going to attempt to contact him again. I should be done editing the video very soon, and then we can get it up on Utube and on our website. The next step in further progress for our group will be to gather a few more alumni to interview, which is something our group needs to discuss.

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