wrapping it up

jboyl5av on Mar 29th 2008

So this project certainly has taken a lot longer than our group originally thought, but we seem to be seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. After I finish uploading all the edited video clips onto youtube that I have been working on, Kelley will then embed into our timeline. This weekend I am heading off to the library to finish searching through the Bullet archives of the 1970s, to add more articles to our artifact section in our website. After I finish that tiny project, I need to finish writing the transcript for the interview, which is long overdue. I put the transcript on the backburner for the sake of finishing the editing of the video footage. We have a projected completion date for our project – April 3rd, which is this Friday. On Thursday, our group will meet to try to put everything together and get things wrapped up. Here’s to hoping we can get everything done….

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