Coming to a Close

jboyl5av on Apr 19th 2008

So with the project due date only a few days away now, everything is certainly coming to a close. The common theme in all of the work I have done for this project is the countless hours spent waiting for files to upload via UMW’s unbearably slow network. But now almost everything is uploaded and placed into the proper exhibits, minus a few articles that Matt had to separate for me that got scanned to a batch, or rather one giant file. The tedious nature of scanning files, editing files, transcribing interviews and uploading everything into the website has been extremely frustrating at times, but certainly has forced me to be patient, as well as taught me the fine art of squeezing time out of an incredibly hectic schedule to get everything done. For the past 3 weeks especially, I have been living at the library, as well as Panera’s stealing their free high speed wi-fi to upload files. In fact I have frequented Panera’s so much lately I believe I have tried every soup, sandwich and salad they offer. Everyone in the group has worked extremely hard to get to our final product, especially over the past few days. We wanted to get everything polished for Friday’s presentation, which I think went extremely well. It was so nice to see our website in its current form, timeline problems fixed and all. It was very satisfying as well to see the individual elements that each group member has worked on, fit together so nicely. I am just proud of our group. The experience of working with UMW’s history, through research and oral history has been a wonderful experience, and has given me such pride as a student. But I have to say, I am glad that this project will be over come Tuesday, because it has been a very long and arduous semester.

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