Final Post

jboyl5av on Apr 24th 2008

DONE!!! The project is done, the website is done, and I have finished my reflection. Digital History has certainly been an experience this semester, one that I learned a lot from. But I am certainly glad to be finished. I am really happy with our final product, but if I had to do the semester over again, I would do a lot of things differently, such as starting everything earlier and making more realistic deadlines. I would have also liked to be more helpful in other aspects of the project that my technological proficiency prevented me from participating in, such as the website creation. I probably would have modeled the structure of our group differently as well. I really like how the James Farmer group structured their project, assigning each person as a manager, rather than arbitrary responsibilities. One thing I did like about this group was the ability to multi-task while in class, which enabled us to get more things done. But all in all, because of this class I have been a Google convert and versed in many technological tools I probably would never have even known about.

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