jboyl5av on Jan 31st 2008

As part of the centennial project, creating a timeline is an essential component of our project. The website circVie seems like a very interesting place to start. It is a website where we can create and share our timelines, and include pictures and quotes. Since our project is going to be based heavily on interviews, supplemented with facts and pictures gathered through research, this interactive timeline website certainly has given me some ideas about the direction I want to take the presentation of our project. The overall presentation of the timelines the user creates is more interesting than some of the other websites I have stumbled upon while browsing briefly online. In general, I was pretty impressed. Here is the link

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  2. lmeissneon 04 Feb 2008 at 7:56 pm

    Juliann… thanks for the link. I checked it out, and it is relatively easy to use. I started plugging in some events and found out that we are going to have to come up with a solution on how to address incomplete dates. For example, a number of events in James Monroe’s life only reflect the year as a date. Circavie seems to require a complete date. I suspect that this will be an issue with the other timeline programs as well.